Passion Week – Tuesday

Passion Week . . .

is the week starting on Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday. It’s the time where Jesus entered Jerusalem until the day he resurrected from the dead. That’s this week! We want to take time this week to remember what Jesus has done for us.

Sunday – Jesus enters Jerusalem

Monday – Jesus teaches in the temple

Tuesday – Jesus teaches in the temple

Luke 21:1-4

Jesus is in the temple observing people. He sees people as they come in to give their offerings to God. He probably see people from all different lifestyles giving their money to God, but the person who sticks out in His thoughts is a poor widow. She was a widow, so she had very little income, if any at all. She drops in two small coins into the offering bucket, while everyone else is putting in large amounts of money.

Jesus comments that her gift is worth more than anyone else’s because her giving hurts more. It’s more of a sacrifice. For example, when someone has $10, it’s easier to give $1, you won’t notice it as much as you would if you had $1 and gave 10 cents. When you give when you have little, the sacrifice hurts more.

Jesus is teaching us that sacrifice hurts. He shows us the ultimate example of this just a couple of days after this by giving His life for us.

Jesus teaches us that sacrifice hurts. What are you sacrificing to follow Christ? Does it hurt?


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