Passion Week – Monday

Passion Week . . .

is the week starting on Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday. It’s the time where Jesus entered Jerusalem until the day he resurrected from the dead. That’s this week! We want to take time this week to remember what Jesus has done for us.

Sunday – Jesus enters Jerusalem

Monday – Jesus teaches in the temple

Luke 20:9-19

Jesus tells a story about a vineyard owner who sends his servant to collect his share of crops from his vineyard and the farmers working at the vineyard kill the servant. Then the vineyard owner sends his own son and the farmers killed him too so that they could keep the share of the crops.
In this story Jesus is telling the Pharisees about how they have not welcomed God’s son, rather they have treated Him (Jesus) badly and are going to kill him because they want the control of their lives and of the lives of the people around them. They were willing to disregard Jesus for their own gain.
How have you disregarded Jesus because you wanted to what you wanted to do and not what Jesus wanted?


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