Passion Week – Sunday

This is a blog series that I’m doing for the junior high ministry that I’m a pastor of, so I thought I’d share it here.

Passion Week . . .

is the week starting on Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday. It’s the time where Jesus entered Jerusalem until the day he resurrected from the dead. That’s this week! We want to take time this week to remember what Jesus has done for us and what He was actually doing today, 2000 years ago.

Sunday – Jesus enters Jerusalem

Luke 19:28-40

Today the people of Jerusalem praised Jesus by laying down palm branches as a “red carpet” welcoming him and praising Jesus for what he’s done and what they THINK he’s going to do. They THINK He’s going to save them on their terms, but Jesus has other plans as the rest of the week goes on, we learn what He is really calling his followers to.

The people of Jerusalem praised Jesus for who He was. How have you praised Jesus today?


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